Aris - Elegant & Powerful Serverless Personal Website /Portfolio /vCard /Resume

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Aris 🏍 is a serverless application powered by Remix Web Framework, which helps you to build your own elegant & powerful personal website. Aris comes with 30+ content blocks which allow you to build flexible home/ services/ products/ portfolio/ contact/ blog… Moreover, all content are connected, which helps your visitors to explore your website easily and comfortably via information central “what's new?” and ability to 🔍 search for any pieces of information with advanced searching feature.

Why Serverless?

  • Great performance: your visitors from over the world would have the same experience when visiting your website.
  • No VPS to take care, just register an account and deploy your website within 5 minutes.
  • Started for free, thanks to Cloudflare Pages service.

Why Aris?

  • 30+ ✨ content blocks.
  • Fully featured for personal corner: blog, portfolio, contact, about, 🎯 announcements, notes, update. All connected in a centralize central “What's new?”.
  • Advanced smart searching 🎉 feature: search anything you want the easy way.
  • Responsive layout to best serving all types of devices from 📲 mobile, tablet to desktop.
  • SEO friendly ⚽ (Server-side rendering) & multi-languages supported (i18n)
  • Fully documented 📝 You would learn about web-development with best practices when working with Aris to build your own personal website (great for explorer, students, or anyone who loves to start learning about web-development the easy way)
  • Deploy to Cloudflare Pages for free 👻.
  • We provide add-on services 💪 such as installation, setup, customization…
  • Built by Remix Web Framework 🏆. Great framework to build better website and apps.

Finally, you would have a very fast website ⚡ which helps you to express everything (oh, your real personal website) to support your job, your personal business, your personal interests. You are confident to have a name card with only your name and a domain on it, and say: “let you check my website for details”.

Let's start your online presence today (Demo 🌍

Where to get help?

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Or if you need the highest support priority, you can check my subscription package Telegram Support Channel for Aris which will allows you to ask for support via Telegram.

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High performance website
Full-featured personal website
SEO friendly
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Fully documented
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Aris - Elegant & Powerful Serverless Personal Website /Portfolio /vCard /Resume

0 ratings
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